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The sixteenth release via digital label Absent Fever with the Chicago-based producers Mister Lies & Different Sleep.

AF016: Mister Lies & Different Sleep - Mass EP

"I speak on behalf of both myself and Rafa when I say this EP was as much for us as it was for its potential audience. To this day we have no idea where this journey we’re embarking on is leading us and so the two of us needed to meditate, we needed to breathe, and we needed to vent by means of sonic transmission. After all, the Future is much like the God that many believe to exist. Most don’t believe in it, others fear it, and come so far before they realize it was residing on the land they stand on. This was the way, this is that future, and that is what it means to say Ambient Gospel…"

-Mister Lies

(Mass EP was mastered by Jacob McNaughton)



released May 8, 2012



all rights reserved


Absent Fever

Absent Fever is a free digital release label/music collective started by Eloise of verb/re/verb and Tyler of Flashlight Tag. Aside from exposing emerging young talent via free music, Absent Fever’s goal is to also incorporate visual based mixed media art in order to further the connection between music and visuals. ... more

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